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HR Videos

Employee Retention
This includes the session on employee retention and its strategies
Submitted by Radha | 23-09-2019

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Posh Awreness
Posh Awareness for HR, Trainers, Consultants and new joiners
Submitted by Radha | 23-09-2019

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Hrone : Enabling Better Workplace
Take a Quick Tour To See How HR-One Works!
Submitted by Hrone | 09-09-2019

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Why are experience-based team events important in the current scenario?
Experience-based team events are a new trend in the corporate world. It helps in aligning workforce values with the organization`s goals. Check out case studies on the effectiveness of team building activities here http://bit.ly/2K1YHjI
Submitted by Nirmiti | 06-06-2019

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Understanding the HR Functions Better - Key Roles & Responsibilities
Human resources is a core component of every business. This video is an overview of the endless tasks, responsibilities and other functions that HR professionals may have to deal with and ways to handle it better. TalentPro is a pioneer in India in delivering trusted end-to-end HR management servic...
Submitted by Talentpro | 06-02-2019

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Synergita - Automate your Performance Management System
Synergita is a SaaS based performance management tool that keeps the HRs and Managers stress free throughout the journey of performance appraisals.
Submitted by Raj | 29-11-2018

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Women Empowerment
It is created on Women Day It is just guidance who are going to enter into Corporate World.
Submitted by Radha | 10-08-2018

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Sensys HRMThread Software...........Best solution for an organisation
The easy accessibility to the Payroll and employees database makes it a boon for every company. This web-hosted payroll software offers convenience that has no match since the complicated task which required hours can now be done in a blink of an eye.
Submitted by Nitin Dev | 09-08-2018

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Short Film made by HR
Prakruti -Nature`l` Love Story- Latest Short Film 2018, Heart Touching Love Story with English sub titles
Submitted by Maruthi | 20-07-2018

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Payroll Processing
This video shows the problems faced during payroll processing and how star link helps in solving the issue. https://goo.gl/UiNZ9f
Submitted by Shashi | 03-01-2018

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